Best way to get money online! You choose for yourself!

Hello again! So today I’m going to give a lot of good content on how to earn money online at home. There are a lot of good ways and I’m going to show you a few of them!

Ready? here  we go!

There is a good and easy way (perhaps the easiest way to earn money online)! Wanna know what it is?  Sure you do!


Ah the well known PTC (Paid To Click) websites! They have been for a while and a lot of people are using them in ways to earn money fast! Don’t know what a PTC website is? Don’t worry I will explain in a short and sweet version okay? Because later on I will do a review of the PTC websites.

OK. So what do you have to do to earn money online on this websites? It’s pretty easy! You just have to click on a Ad on the PTC website and that’s it. You earn some money online! Pretty easy don’t you think?

Yeah I was impressed too. When I started my business in PTC WEBSITES and I was skeptical as well. But hey it really works!

Just one more thing about PTC websites and then we will move on to the next topic Okay?

Maybe you are wondering: How many websites like this exist? pff… I can’t count them all because they are soo many! hehe

Yes there are a lot of PTC websites but there’s a no no… Not of them are legit! You have to be careful. But don’t worry I will do a post and add all of the legit websites that really pay you and the one that are just schemes okay? I will help you on this. Trust me! My favourite PTC website is neobux and it’s trully the King of PTC! The legit ones of course!

But That’s enough about PTC websites for now! Next Topic!

Build Your own Niche Website!

Yess! Niche websites are the best to earn a lot of money online! If you don’t know what a niche website is I’m gonna explain very short and quickly!

A niche website is: you review something on your website (a product of your own or another person) and then if the person buy the product you will win a commission!  That is what a niche website is!

It’s about a specific topic, but a niche website can also be a very large website.

Example: You review a product about “what are the best adware tools on the internet?” then you review the best tools and there are a lot of them so your site is gonna be large…

Never forget that a niche website target specific keywords like that one above (what are the best adware tools on the internet?) and that’s what you have to do. target low competition keywords with a high volume of searches. How to?

I will do perhaps two reviews about a niche website. Then I will explain in depth how the keywords work on your advantage. Make no mistake! There are people out there that earn a lot of money online in home (200$ per niche website)! It’s amazing!

Okay next topic!

Online Surveys to Earn Money!

There are currently several websites that have surveys just for you and it’s a easy way to earn money online!

A survey is when you answer some questions on that website and than you earn money with it! It’s that simple, you make money from answering a couple of questions!

How does it work? First they do  simple questions so you can be selected to a certain type of survey (your age your name etc.) Then you are redirected to the core of the survey!

Just answer the questions that they are asking and voila! You have made some money for yourself! 🙂

You can combine PTC websites with surveys to earn money online!

How so? Well. more on that later!


The are more three important ways, perhaps more than that but I will post them later on because I don’t want you to get tired of reading so much stuff! xD

So, that it guys! these three amazing ways can give you a good passive income! Choose what is the easiest way to earn money online and  best way to get money online  for yourself.

Later on I will give you my opinion on what is the best way to earn money on the internet so you can compare with your thoughts!

Happy Earnings!

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