Earn a lot of money online! Part 3 (Final)!

Well, as you can see in the title, this is the final part of the best ways to get money online!

But don’t worry I’m still going to do a lot of posts after this one so stay tuned! ūüôā

Create your own Program!

For those of you that know some programming languages why not making your own program and try to sell it on the internet?

This is a good way to get money online and you can earn a lot with it!

Let me tell you something: I know a close person who did this. He learned how to program in c++ and make  his own program. who is he? Well, it will be a surprise for another post!

Learning c++ can be a bit difficult if you don’t know any other languages so I suggest you to start with c#. It’s a very simple programming language and you can learn a lot with it!

“So how do I start programming?” you ask? find out later on as I will do an “how to create your own program” or do a review about it.

Did you know that you can “combo” making your own program and niche websites or authority websites?

But more on that later! Speaking of authority websites… This is my next topic:

Make a lot of money with Authority Websites!

Ah! The Authority websites! they are better in some ways than niche websites. How so? Because simply: They have much more unique content and have a lot of more backlinks (I will explain later how to build backlinks to your website…)!

If you have an authority website, people actually are very happy by landing on it. Plus this websites target a very specific audience!

But that doesn’t mean that a authority site has to be a lot bigger than a niche site… they can be equivalent or even smaller than niche websites.

It is the quality that matters here. But there are some upsets about it.

To build such a site you need help from other people like a professional writer a web designer(or more than one). All of this cost money! But don’t worry If you can build a site that is this “powerful”. All the money you will invest you will recover! And you will earn a lot money¬† online¬†because once you paid all the expenses (and it will be fast) you will start to see some positive numbers here. A lot of them!

You have no idea how much money people make with authority websites!

Later on I will do a list of the best authority sites out there and you will see what I’m talking about!

Yeah we reach the end of the best ways to earn money online! Hope you enjoyed it, as much as I enjoyed writing to you!

Hope this all makes some sense to you and choose your own easy way to earn money online.

But, I’m not saying good bye at all. I have a lot to explain to you.(reviews, how to, lists) So keep visiting my website¬† and you will see what I’m talking about! ūüôā

See you when I see ya! ahah

Best regards and Happy Earnings!

Choose your way to earn a lot of money online! Part 2

So let’s Continue!

As you read in the title I will continue from my last post and give to you the other ways earn money online easy!

There are 4 more ways on¬†¬†how to make real money online at home (from what I know¬† and can remember, but maybe if I find some more I will do another post with it…).

I know you guys are eager to know so here it goes!

Yeah. Mini jobs! They work somewhat like surveys. You complete the Mini job and then you earn easy money, except they are different on what you have to do. Well Kinda…

In some Mini Jobs you will still need to answer questions like in surveys.

The big difference is that surveys is about you ( what you do, or what age you are). In Mini jobs your answers that you give are going to help other people tasks or jobs and the question are not about you!

For example I have this Mini job: “Help Us Find Radio Stations On Social Media”. Your work will help other people and you win a commission for it!

Did you know that you can combine Mini Jobs With PTC Websites as well?

But more on that later.

Please do tell me on the comments section if you think this is the easiest way to earn money online (after I do the review of Mini jobs).

I do think this is one of the best ways on how to earn money online without paying anything for sure. But later on you tell me okay?

Trading Websites

Do you know any trading websites? If you don’t know what it is I will explain to you shortly what are trading Websites and how to use them!

Firstly let me tell that what you do to earn money on this websites is similar to what a stockbroker does. He sees the value of a stock and then trades when the time is right to earn a certain amount of money.

But there’s a lot more things that you can do on this websites.

I’m sure you are asking: “Do I need to be a professional?”

The answer is simple. No! You just need to have some experience that you can earn by doing it your self. don’t worry you will be fine! ūüôā

But trade Websites¬† have more than just stocks! they have currencies and cryptocurrencies as well, like Bitcoin the new and innovative electronic cash! I am almost sure that you know already about what Bitcoin is if you don’t, don’t worry I will explain better later on!

Have you ever heard about Index funds? It’s another way of trading but it’s much better for beginners! Why? I will do a post only about index funds so be tuned okay?

So how does it work? Basically you buy a certain part of that currency and if the price (value of currency) goes up you then sell it and you can earn a lot of money online if you sell it on the right time!

But more of that later! I will explain in depth on how to trade and what sites to do that are the best!

Change of plans:

I planned to do 4 ways to earn money online but I thought that this will be too long for a post and I didn’t want you to get bored of reading so I’m only posting two ways.

Then I will do a final post about the best ways to get money online and post the final 2 ways okay?

Soo thanks for reading all of this! Hope you are learning a lot!

Happy Earnings to you all!

Best way to get money online! You choose for yourself!

Hello again! So today I’m going to give a lot of good content on¬†how to earn money online at home. There are a lot of good ways and I’m going to show you a few of them!

Ready? here  we go!

There is a good and easy way (perhaps the easiest way to earn money online)! Wanna know what it is?  Sure you do!


Ah the well known PTC (Paid To Click) websites! They have been for a while and a lot of people are using them in ways to earn money fast! Don’t know what a PTC website is? Don’t worry I will explain in a short and sweet version okay? Because later on I will do a review of the PTC websites.

OK. So what do you have to do to¬†earn money online on this websites? It’s pretty easy! You just have to click on a Ad on the PTC website and that’s it. You earn some money online! Pretty easy don’t you think?

Yeah I was impressed too. When I started my business in PTC WEBSITES and I was skeptical as well. But hey it really works!

Just one more thing about PTC websites and then we will move on to the next topic Okay?

Maybe you are wondering: How many websites like this exist? pff… I can’t count them all because they are soo many! hehe

Yes there are a lot of PTC websites but there’s a no no… Not of them are legit! You have to be careful. But don’t worry I will do a post and add all of the legit websites that really pay you and the one that are just schemes okay? I will help you on this. Trust me! My favourite PTC website is neobux and it’s trully the King of PTC! The legit ones of course!

But That’s enough about PTC websites for now! Next Topic!

Build Your own Niche Website!

Yess! Niche websites are the best to¬†earn a lot of money online! If you don’t know what a niche website is I’m gonna explain very short and quickly!

A niche website is: you review something on your website (a product of your own or another person) and then if the person buy the product you will win a commission!  That is what a niche website is!

It’s about a specific topic, but a niche website can also be a very large website.

Example: You review a product about “what are the best adware tools on the internet?” then you review the best tools and there are a lot of them so your site is gonna be large…

Never forget that a niche website target specific keywords like that one above (what are the best adware tools on the internet?) and that’s what you have to do. target low competition keywords with a high volume of searches. How to?

I will do perhaps two reviews about a niche website. Then I will explain in depth how the keywords work on your advantage. Make no mistake! There are people out there that¬†earn a lot of money online in home (200$ per niche website)! It’s amazing!

Okay next topic!

Online Surveys to Earn Money!

There are currently several websites that have surveys just for you and it’s a easy way to earn money online!

A survey is when you answer some questions on that website and than you earn money with it! It’s that simple, you make money from answering a couple of questions!

How does it work? First they do  simple questions so you can be selected to a certain type of survey (your age your name etc.) Then you are redirected to the core of the survey!

Just answer the questions that they are asking and voila! You have made some money for yourself! ūüôā

You can combine PTC websites with surveys to earn money online!

How so? Well. more on that later!


The are more three important ways, perhaps more than that but I will post them later on because I don’t want you to get tired of reading so much stuff! xD

So, that it guys! these three amazing ways can give you a good passive income! Choose what is the easiest way to earn money online and  best way to get money online  for yourself.

Later on I will give you my opinion on what is the best way to earn money on the internet so you can compare with your thoughts!

Happy Earnings!

The easiest way to earn money online? Find out later on!

Have you been surfing the web for some time and thought to yourself: “how can i earn money from home?” or “hey maybe I can earn money online easy!”

Well you are on the right website!

Hi! My name is Bruno Santos and I’m going to show you how to make money online!

Not just the easiest way to earn money online but you will see that there are a lot of easy ways for it when it comes to online business!

I see you are eager to know more…

Well let me tell you that earn money from home is possible and there are many ways to do so! But in this blog/site I will show you only the best ways to make money on the internet okay?

Well that is all for now! hehe

Sorry I didn’t give you guys a specific hint about what I’m going to write next but I can assure you it will help you for sure on how to make money on the internet! Even if you already have a job this blog/site will show you how to make extra money from home!

That’s all for now! thank you for visiting my website/blog!¬† Cheers.